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Frequently Asked Questions

Why utilize the service of a Mortgage Agent instead of my banking institution?

I represent and work for you, pull a single credit report and utilize our network of more than 200 Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, Private Lenders and Commercial Lenders. We work collectively as a team to ensure the desired results our clients come to us for. 

Why Mortgages By Stefano?

Experience in negotiating for our elite clients, transparency in the process, genuine interest in long standing relationship with every client. With many high profile clients trusting us with their lifestyle management we understand the importance of privacy and trust. Confidentiality is our standard. 

Why do you not post your lowest mortgage interest rates?

I offer my clients specific rates for them and for them only, why post ever changing rates which may not be the best solution for you or use the bait and switch tactic of many, show a very low rate and then inform client they do not qualify for this rate and then recommend a much higher rate option. We tailor each quote for you and only you. Get the lowest mortgage rate options the first time around. We do the rate shopping for you, sit back and let us work! 

Do you have a client referral program?

Our clients primarily arrive from referrals which is our ultimate measure of the quality of our service and final results. The money part of referral program works like this: once the mortgage closes we will calculate 15% of the Net commission earnings I will receive "take home". Most mortgage referrals are 10% of net with a maximum pay out of $1000. We offer 15% Net with a maximum payout of $5000 for larger mortgage fulfillments. 

For Real Estate Agents and Brokers we have a referral program with additional incentives based on volume referred. Contact us directly for full information of that program. 

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